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Areas we service San Francisco County and Daly City

Aussie Pet Mobile provides a 15 Step mobile grooming Spa Treatment for your DOGS & CATS! WE COME TO YOU! to groom your pet at your doorstep. Our Luxurious Groom includes: Eye Cleaning - Nail Clipping - Brushing out Knots & Debris, Shampoo, 1st Rinse, Ear Cleaning, Brushing out Loose Hair, 2nd Rinse, Towel dry body & face, Pet friendly High Velocity Water Blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet's coat, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Deodorize, ending up with a ribbon or bow & if allowed, a special treat for your pet! (click to view our 15 Step Groom Photo link below)

We also offer other services: De-Shedding treatment, Aloe Skin treatment, Pad treatment, Shave-Downs, Puppy Cuts, Clips, Flea &Tick Shampoos, Frontline, Teeth brushing, Therapeutic Shampoos, De-Skunking and all our products are Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly & Natural.


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Aussie Pet Mobile of San Francisco, California


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HOURS: Monday to Saturday - 8am - 6pm


Payment accepted: All forms of payment are accepted.


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Megan L.

"Quick, inexpensive dog grooming that parks in your driveway - whats not to like? When I couldn't get World's Cutest Dog into her usual groomer a few months ago, I called Aussie. The local franchise owner was a lovely and very accommodating woman who managed to squeeze us in the next day. The groomer (I think her name was Tiffany) was very gently and did a great job on my girl. My only complaint is that she cut off way more hair than I requested, but otherwise she did a good job. My dog seemed to really like the grooming van and the groomer. Although, to be fair, she did have a very confused look on her face when we walked out of the house and she assumed she was going to the park...but, no, she was walked into a large, brightly painted van! She gave me several panicked looks until she figured out that there were treats and toys. Geez, I sound like i put my dog in the molester mobile! Anyway, these guys do a good job. Give 'em a try."

Miss M

"If you can deal with the wacky woman, Liz, who books the appointments - these folks do a good job. Prices are reasonable, their work is solid, and they are reliable. "

Sheli F.

"My experience with Aussie grooming was totally hassle free. I called for an appointment on a Friday and their next availability was Tuesday morning at 8am. At 8am sharp, the groomer appeared and had followed my parking instructions given to the receptionist, Liz, precisely.
She introduced herself warmly to my 2 dogs who took a shine to her immediately. Tails were a'waggin!
She took my dog that hates to be groomed (trully tramatic for him) first and within an hour he was back in the house happy and dancing around. Normally, he is traumatized by going to the groomers and I believe the combination of being at home and with a warm gentle groomer made the experience tolerable.
My next dog is an elderly dog with ferosh breathe and undergoing vet treatment for cavities (she was adopted). The groomer was gentle with her and amazingly did not die of the fumes or complain.
I will be scheduling a permanent rotation schedule with Aussie and feel confident that I have found my groomers of choice."

Just like humans, dogs and cats require regular grooming to stay healthy. Without regular bathing, pets are more susceptible to ringworms and mites, as well as to infections in the nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Matted or unbrushed fur can pull uncomfortably on skin and lead to hot spots; improper nail care can lead to early arthritis. But, thanks to the growing number of mobile grooming services such as Aussie Pet Mobile, your pet will receive the best Groom out there!"

Ideally, cat grooming begins when your cat is a kitten. Grooming becomes part of their routine more easily at a younger age. Grooming can help avoid potential problems & health risks, such as mites & fleas, hairballs and more."