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Areas we service All towns from Trumbull all the way down to Wilton, Fairfield, Westport, Stamford and Greenwich.

Aussie Pet Mobile provides a 15 Step mobile grooming Spa Treatment for your DOGS & CATS! WE COME TO YOU! to groom your pet at your doorstep. Our Luxurious Groom includes: Eye Cleaning - Nail Clipping - Brushing out Knots & Debris, Shampoo, 1st Rinse, Ear Cleaning, Brushing out Loose Hair, 2nd Rinse, Towel dry body & face, Pet friendly High Velocity Water Blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet's coat, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Deodorize, ending up with a ribbon or bow & if allowed, a special treat for your pet! (click to view our 15 Step Groom Photo link below)

We also offer other services: De-Shedding treatment, Aloe Skin treatment, Pad treatment, Shave-Downs, Puppy Cuts, Clips, Flea &Tick Shampoos, Frontline, Teeth brushing, Therapeutic Shampoos, De-Skunking and all our products are Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly & Natural.


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Aussie Pet Mobile of Fairfield County, Connecticut


(203) 981-8919
1-800-PET-MOBILE (1-800-738-662




HOURS: 6:30am - 8pm / 7 days a week


Payment accepted: Cash, check as well as these credit cards:


Visa Mastercard

Pet Insurance

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Kathy - Since 2007

"Our rather large dog has felt totally comfortable with Stephen in his grooming-mobile unit. Stephen is knowledgeable about how to care for dogs and how to look out for disease or symptoms. Meticulous care and concern are part of the visit and our dog loves to see the grooming truck arrive. Thank you for taking such good care of him and being so dependable."

Sally - since 2008

"Our work schedule does not permit us to bring our pets to be groomed consistently. Stephen, the groomer from Aussie Pet has solved our problem! Not only does he carry himself professionally, but he is also punctual and follow-through on every grooming appointment. I highly recommend Aussie Pet to all my friends."

Mrs. S - since mid 2008

"Aussie Pet\'s groomer has been very gentle and caring for Tucker, who is 18 years old now. Stephen the groomer is extremely attentive to what we say and most importantly, Stephen trims Tucker practically each and every time to make him more comfortable to the ever changing seasons. We are so happy to find Aussie Pet to care for our beloved Tucker. Thank you."

Tom T. - since mid 2007

"We have a very busy lifestyle. Aussie Pet has accommodated our pets' needs by coming regularly and on-time. That is rare these days."

Lisa - since early 2006

"I love the service and the quality of work from Aussie Pet. My pets always come back very clean and well trimmed. I highly recommend Aussie Pet to others."

Rachel - Since early 2007

"Very convenient! The cost is reasonably priced considering what the groomer has to do, especially when Molly is very skittish to others... Great service!"