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Areas we service North Oakland, Genesee & East Livingston Counties

Aussie Pet Mobile provides a 15 Step mobile grooming Spa Treatment for your DOGS & CATS! WE COME TO YOU! to groom your pet at your doorstep. Our Luxurious Groom includes: Eye Cleaning - Nail Clipping - Brushing out Knots & Debris, Shampoo, 1st Rinse, Ear Cleaning, Brushing out Loose Hair, 2nd Rinse, Towel dry body & face, Pet friendly High Velocity Water Blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet's coat, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Deodorize, ending up with a ribbon or bow & if allowed, a special treat for your pet! (click to view our 15 Step Groom Photo link below)

We also offer other services: De-Shedding treatment, Aloe Skin treatment, Pad treatment, Shave-Downs, Puppy Cuts, Clips, Flea &Tick Shampoos, Frontline, Teeth brushing, Therapeutic Shampoos, De-Skunking and all our products are Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly & Natural.


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Aussie Pet Mobile of Clarkston, MI


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Hours: Grooming 7 days 8:30am-6:30pm/Add. Appoints. Avail. Office: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm Sun 12-8pm


Payment accepted: Cash and Check


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Carrie G. Client since March 2011 – Clarkston

"Carrie is the owner of Evie (Terrier X Schnauzer Mix) - “The best hair cut Evie has ever had. Didn’t have to leave at the groomer 5 hrs. Very convenient.”"

Cindy C. Client since January 2012- Burton

"Cindy is the owner of Carly and Chloe (Yorkshire Terriers) – “Aussie pet grooming is Awesome. My 2 Yorkies get done in about 2 hrs. the groomer is friendly and pleasant. My Yorkies just love her. They receive one-on-one attention with no cages. Having them groomed in the driveway is very convenient for me along with Aussie working Sat. on my days off. Thank Aussie and Caroline (groomer).”"

Rebecca H. Client since April 2009- White Lake

"Rebecca H. is the owner of Powder (Siberian Husky) and Maya (Malamute x Husky mix) – “I have 2 dogs and Aussie makes it so convenient to get them groomed. They don’t have to be crated with lots of barking dogs. Much less stress for the dogs and zero stress for me. I’m crazy about the service.”"

Pam M. Client since June 2008 – Clarkston

"Pam is the owner of Maggie Mae (Labradoodle) - “Sabine is great with my dog. No razor burns. No bleeding nails. Nice and Clean.” "

David and Grace S. Client since March 2009 – Clar

"Davis and Grace are the owners of Bella (Maltese) -“We love Sabine she is so kind to our Bella, your service is the best. We never have to leave the house in cold weather or leave our Bella at the groomers all day. She now loves to be groomed, right at home. Thank you.” "

Ilene H. Client since August 2010 – Oxford

"Ilene is the owner of Oscar (Maltese) - “We love Sabine, Chris and Pier! More importantly to us is that our dog Oscar loves Sabine! We will only use Sabine, Chris and Pier for our dog.” "

Bonnie F. Client since October 2008 – Davisburg

"Bonnie is the owner of Tigger (Long Hair Cat) - “I love your service it is wonderful for me and my pet who hates a car ride. Tigger always looks great after her appointments! Thank you.” "

Kristina M. Client since April 2011 – Davisburg

"Kristina is the owner of Angel (German Shepherd), Baron (Rottweiler), Bandit (Beagle) and Jade (German Shepherd) - “I have had Aussie Pet Mobile at my home several times they are absolutely wonderful. They are great with my 4 dogs and they do a fantastic job! Highly Recommended!” "

Tina P. Client since October 2008 – Waterford

"Tina is the owner of Charlie (Australian Shepherd) and Roxy (Shepherd X Collie mix) - “Excellent service!” "

Heather B. Client since October 2010- Davisburg

"Heather is the owner of Keno (Westie) - “Our dog is always happy to see Caroline. She does a great job with him and he always looks handsome when done. We love the convenience of having him groomed right in our driveway. We would recommend Aussie Pet Mobile to everyone with a dog!” "

Cindy B. Client since August 2009 – White Lake

"Cindy is the owner of Scooter (Cocker Spaniel) - “Caroline was very sweet, on time did a great job. She’s very Loving to Scooter.” "

Ramona M. Client since September 2008 - Waterford

"Ramona owner of Indiana and Bella (Belgian Shepherd X Hound mix) - “So convenient and thorough - much less “dog drama”!" "

Betsy of Pontiac

"This is the best cut Faith ever had. I love the way Caroline cut around the face. Faith went right to her she was not traumatized at all. Faith is Pet Of The Month you can see her photo on top left. "

Ernie- Pet of the Week

"The top left photo is of Ernie, a beautiful Golden Retriever. He is sweet & very cute. He loves cuddles, treats and just loves running around outside with his friend Daisy. "

Margaux of Oxford

"George ( Lab), and Mackenzie (German Shepherd) are excited when they see Kyla. They jump right up into van and look forward to their spa treatment. I am ecstatic with the service, it is so convenient and my dogs look great when they are done.They are full of energy you can tell they fell good after wards."

Joanne from White Lake

"Joanne very happy with our service, she called us and sent photos of her dog Frankie with his new hair cut. Leaving Frankie at the groomer created a lot of anxiety for both Joanne and Frankie. Now, that he has his groom and spa treatment just outside the front door they are both much happier. "

Karen of Lake Orion

"The Furminator is REMARKABLE...I totally recommend it to my family and friends. It is well worth the money. I am a former customer from New Mexico and was so happy to find Aussie Pet Mobile of Clarkston. My next appt. is already booked."

Jean in Lake Orion

"Teddy looks gorgeous! Sabine is fantastic, she is so nice and friendly. One can tell she loves pets she was so gentle with Teddy (a 10 lbYorkie) she wanted him to look nice. In the past 8 years, my husband and I have used many groomers but this was Teddy's best groom. It was so easy, we didn't have to leave the house and drive to a groomer. I only want Sabine from now on, every 8 weeks."

Jamie in Clarkston

" We already use you guys and have been setting up appointments every 6 weeks to get our dogs nails trimmed... The Pet Mobile is the BEST thing and we LOVE Kyla"

Charlotte little Gretchens owner

"After Gretchen's first Aussie groom, Charlotte was compelled to call and let us know of her experience."I was so happy with your service. Gretchen, our little Miniature Schnauzer, was return back to the house all happy, Kyla was so gentle with her and took good care of her. Normally, when she returns from the groom shop she cowers and is not very happy. Kyla did such a cute cut on Gretchen. We will use you for all our future groomings.""